A Little Heartbroken.

So this week, I made the conscious decision to reach out and search for a “babysitter” for Marley. Literally I can barely get the words through my thought process without choking. I hate it. I hate it so much. And it’s not even really that bad. I will be just in the other room, sleeping (preparing for my night shifts), but I still can’t breathe at the thought of allowing someone I don’t know every single thing about watch my child. I see horror stories everywhere about these kinds of things.


But I have sat with God and talked to Him about this, I have sat with Ray and talked to him about this, and I think I am gonna be okay. I will thoroughly interview everyone I consider and I will make a good decision because I have a pretty good gut. *exhales*


Is it this hard for everybody or is it just me. Sigh.


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