Long, Happy, Sad, Stressful, Great Week.

So it has been quite a long week. Marley has began doing this really great thing where she hits you if she is angry. I’m not happy about this. Before I had Marley I kind of figured Ray would do all the disciplining and I would sit back and giggle at her antics and be there to run to when she was upset. It turns out, it’s quite the contrary. I, as a first time mother, usually google things to see if they’re okay. This kind of came about suddenly though, so I just went with my gut.


This sequence of events is pretty much how it goes:

  1. Marley has something she is not supposed to have, I tell her to give it to me.
  2. She hands it over, but when I won’t give it back, she is angered and hits me. Angrily.
  3. I say sternly: “Marley, no hitting. No.” She gets angrier, hits me again, multiple times.
  4. I yell “Marley, stop! No hitting Mommy.” She continues on.
  5. Sometimes, it stops there, and she becomes my gentle angel and touches my hand instead. Today, it continued, and it escalated to even more anger! So step 5, I hit her back. Right there on the wrist. She sat down, and cried, for about five minutes.

But here’s the problem…this worked. For about twenty minutes! Then I had to keep yelling at her not to hit me. Moms, what do I do about this?! How do I stop it? I asked my mother about what she did when I went through this and she laughed because I was the sweetest little baby in the world. Sigh.


Anyways, in other news. Ray got a second job at Hibbett and is a possibility for another spot at Lowe’s. Jesus, he moves to Decatur and it’s like they’re linin’ up to hire him. But that’s okay it’s all a blessing. Bills are coming though, and my stress level will not be reduced until after they are all paid and asleep for another month. Ray and I have been stepping on each other’s toes this week and I think it’s the money. Can’t wait till this week is over.


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